Stage Play

Production is preparing for the big “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play” that will debut the whole story and many other characters from the book: “Mitsrayim” of Ancient Egypt. For updates and information on the stage play return of MOLIAE the official website:

Moments are made to secure one memory of a time that motivates us to remember the beauty of experiences during our journey, which, the Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt story completely hones on.

“The pursuit of divine love is the most sacred of expressions that defines purpose and understanding to sharing life’s experiences in harmony.” – Nichel Anderson

Forthcoming Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay will hone on the benefical factor of introducing the many characters from the book “Mitsrayim” on stage for an outstanding performance honing on the true message of life and purpose. Princess Aamina must choose between two Kings, but she is confronted with the struggle to grow towards the woman she was groomed to be by her mother Queen Hagar and older sister, Queen Hagar. Meanwhile, King Dumah is desperately trying to secure The Deal made many years ago as his older brother, King Daniy’el pursues the forbidden future queen of Mitsrayim (Egypt). Others pursue their interest that sets the stage for a contentious story during a timeperiod of Ancient Egypt, that the final confrontation brings everyone to the true purpose of all.