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Welcome to our production listings where we provide both the current available productions of PCM for purchase in Online Streaming of Film , DVDS, and Audio Book CD of productions: Film, Stage Plays, Webisodes, and Audio Books.

The Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play

“In participation for the long awaited Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay, as the third theatrical performance in Atlanta, Georgia, but this time with the rest of the characters from the book “Mitsrayim” will be stellar show. Stay tune.”

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“Dawn of A New Day” (DOAND) – Feature Film

Logline: In 1901, at the start of a new century, the most influential voices to bring about social changes between two men that ended up changing history and society towards a new Day.

“Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt: Choices” (MOLIAE): Short Film Release Date: February 28, 2015)

Logline: The tradition of honor, as well as the power of human beings on the consensus of choices that defines our reality as we struggle to define and demonstrate love; to ourselves and others in a healthy capacity. The Short Story expands in presenting the rest of the characters from Ms. Nichel Anderson book’s : Mitsrayim: A Past Life in Ancient Egypt — Princess Aamina is essential in making The Deal into fruition against many odds of opposing forces.

“Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt” (MOLIAE): Webisodes – Season 1 (Release Date: February 28, 2015)

Logline: The story continues into five different webisodes at the time of Princess Aamina on the cusp of rulership of Mitstrayim and forthcoming marriage to King Dumah of Zimbabwe. The conflict continues as King Daniy’el makes his move to secure Princess Aamina’s heart while, Queen Hagar and Enki ensures a plan of action to prevent any move towards eliminating The Deal.

Episode 1 – A New Beginning – Choices

Episode 2 – Defining Your Future

Episode 3 – In Beginning When Love Was Divine

Episode 4 – The Sacredness of Friendship

Official website: Visit the website at for more information on this influential short film by ScreenWriter and Director, Nichel Anderson