MOLIAE Jewelry

New jewelry from the MOLIAE Collection will showcase unique design with style that expresses love and mystic aspect to your everyday look of expression. MOLIAE Jewelry will showcase a fashionable style that defines MOLIAE from the production of “Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt.” One of our first jewelry pieces below showcase a classic and stylist silver necklace in “Hiero” pendant, that provides a one of a kind expression for a Nile drop of water expression that defines you and the brand of MOLIAE.

MOLIAE Jewelry Silver Hiero Pendant

MOLIAE Jewelry Silver Hiero Pendant

The “Hiero” style necklace pendant showcases a silver encasement for long wear for you during the day, evening and at night. MOLIAE jewelry pieces are focused on simplistically but one of a kind style in expressing defining you that promotes synergy to love in a healthy capacity by washing away through the Nile of antiquity drop of purity for love and peace.

“Style is in your choice to define your presence walking in a room and MOLIAE Jewelry Collection hones on that with new pieces yet to come that assist in your capturing the time in Ancient Egypt.”

Define your signature style with jewellery that offers a way to communicate your connection during the time of the Ancient Pyramids culture and identify the uniqueness in expression. MOLIAE Jewelry takes great care in providing a simplistic and impressionable collection that hones of a time that beauty and style along with higher knowledge pursuits that imposes a lovely expression in jewelry. Be the best in your support for the inspiring production of MOLIAE: “Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt.”